What is the Ideal Treatment Time for a Reflexology Session?

Have you ever gone to get a massage, asked the therapist to spend extra time on your feet, for them to spend like a whole two minutes barely touching them?!  Me too… it’s an awful experience.  That is one of the many reasons I LOVE Reflexology.  It is such an intricate and detailed process, that an hour or more could easily be spent on just the feet!  When I first tell people about Reflexology, many ask,  “So you spend a whole hour just on the feet? Like…only the feet?”.

Yes, I do, and here’s why…

The Body Is a Complex Unit.

The Body as a whole, though it has many different systems, functions as a unit.  Every organ, system, gland and cell work synergistically together for your optimal health and function.  The physiological processes that take place to keep you going are very complex, brilliant and interconnected throughout the body’s systems. Your body is genius.

An Example: Hashimoto’s.

Take hormonal imbalance as an example. And to get even more specific let’s look at Hashimoto’s, which is autoimmune thyroid disease.  The obvious train of thought would be to balance the thyroid.  But the body is so much more complex and sophisticated than that!  The root of Hashimoto’s, like most hormone and autoimmune conditions, lies largely in the gut.  Usually there is gut dysbiosis (fancy word for damaged gut lining).  So the stomach, small intestine and colon most definitely are in need of some help.  There is also usually a toxicity, whether biotoxicity (parasites, bacterial, viral, fungal) or environmental toxicity (the air we breathe, food we eat and products we put on our bodies).  This means the liver and possibly kidneys are also crying for help.  On top of this, the immune system is compromised and has started attacking the body’s own tissues.  When the thyroid doesn’t function optimally, digestion, energy, the adrenals, reproductive health, the cardiovascular system, skin, hair, and the nervous system are all affected.

The Whole Body Must be Worked to Achieve Optimal Results.

Are you getting the picture?  When one part of the body is struggling, the whole body is struggling.  So to work towards health in one area of the body, one must work on healing the whole body.  In order to work every organ, gland, system and region of the body – and be able to provide special, intentional focus towards stimulating/balancing specific areas of concern – a full hour treatment is truly needed.  Any less than that, the potential benefit for the body’s ability to heal and repair is diminished greatly in my opinion.  I kind of view it kind of like spending tons of energy working out all of the time to get “healthy”, but eating whatever you want… it really defeats the whole purpose and limits the body’s ability to be truly healthy.

A Different Level of Relaxation.

It is also noteworthy that most people’s bodies will not reach a full parasympathetic state without a full hour of focus specifically on Reflexology.  This is a state of intense relaxation of the nervous system that allows for the body to rest and produce equilibrium.  This is a state many of us are rarely in due to our very busy and stressed lifestyles. It is so vital to take time and figure out ways to let your body reach this state of deep, healing rest.

Reflexology is an amazing tool to assist your body on so many levels.  I hope you will take the opportunity to experience what a full hour session can do for you.  Your body will thank you!


To Giving the Body True Healing Potential,