The History of Reflexology

Reflexology had its earliest beginnings at the creation of mankind.  With the first footstep of man, Reflexology was born.  In the beginning, humans walked around barefoot.  Man was designed very purposefully with over 7,000 nerve endings in his feet, for a very specific reason: to stimulate the nerve endings, thus bringing balance and healing to the whole body.

Hieroglyphics and picture records dating up to 3,000 years ago indicate that many cultures practiced the art of Reflexology as a form of healing, including the Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Russians and Indians.

Zone Therapy, originally developed by Dr. William Fitzgerald, was the first precursor to modern Reflexology as we know it.  Dr. Fitzgerald, who was an American Physician and surgeon, began his studies in zone therapy in 1913.  He used his methods largely for anesthesia purposes during surgery.  Dr. Fitzgerald’s theories described that the body could be divided into ten longitudinal zones, called meridians.  his work was entitled “Zone Therapy”.

Dr. Shelby Riley, another doctor who worked with closely with Dr. Fitzgerald, further developed the Zone Theory.

Eunice Ingram was instrumental in pioneering the work of Reflexology.  She was a Physical Therapist who worked with Dr. Riley, and she was fascinated by the idea of Zone Therapy.  She started developing her Foot Reflex Theory in the early 1930’s, and eventually wrote her first book entitled “Stories the Feet Can Tell“.  She developed one of the first foot charts which mapped reflex points for different organs on the feet.

A British woman named Doreen Baylyl met Eunice Ingram in America and was so impressed by her work that she decided to become a Reflexologist.  She brought Reflexology back to Great Britain in 1966 and opened er own school known as the Baylyl School of Reflexology, which is still in operation today.

Thanks to those who helped pioneer Reflexology, it is now appreciated as one of the most natural ways to bring about balance and healing to the body.  Reflexology is a big deal in Europe, and has been gaining popularity in the United States in more recent years.  Those enjoying Reflexology today include celebrities, athletes, singers, and everyday people looking for more natural ways to help their bodies deal with the many stressors of today’s world.

Are you among the many benefiting from this wonderful holistic healing therapy?  Many report reduction or elimination of pain, improved digestion, relief from allergies, relief from anxiety, depression, PMS, migraines, headaches, improved overall sense of well-being and much more!

I hope you’ll give Reflexology a try for your health and emotional well-being!