A Holistic Approach to Your Health

I strive to offer you a holistic approach to your health. Reflexology is a wonderful and sometimes even miraculous tool (and even moreso with the added benefits of Migun Therapy and Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna!!) but lifestyle and nutritional needs must be addressed for true sustainable health to be achieved. 

In America, we are facing a HUGE epidemic of chronic illness. Why? It is simple – because of our food and our lifestyles.

Let’s start with food. Most people are not even consuming real food, but we are eating diets of highly processed, and chemically-laden “food-like products”. This has led to a heavy toxic burden, nutrient deficiency and chronic inflammation. Even if one eats pretty healthy, we are faced with problems like soil nutrient depletion, and getting our food from non-local sources. Crops are not harvested at ideal times to account for transport and shelf life, and nutrients are lost. Non-organic and GMO foods are also a huge problem, as not only is the nutrient content altered, but these foods can also be extremely damaging to the gut, inhibiting our ability to even absorb the nutrients that are there!

So what do we do? 

First, we must be diligent about what we allow into our bodies. If you do not follow my Instagram (@inspiring_well_with_pamela), Facebook Page or blog, I hope you will do so as I try to share healthy recipes, essential oil tips, and little nuggets on how to choose healthy snacks, cook and live healthy! As a person who has lost my health before and spent many years of my life suffering with chronic illness, I know how important this stuff is. If you have not heard my story, I would be honored if you would read about it here. I’m on a mission to help you achieve and live in abundant health!

Second, it is important now more than ever to supplement our diets with high quality nutritional supplements. This can be overwhelming and confusing with so many products out there and so much information to research and sift through. How do you know what you even need? How do you determine what you’re deficient in, and what the top priority nutrients are for you?

Personalized Nutrition

I offer Clinical Nutrition Assessments and Personalized Nutrition Plans.  I work closely with other Nutrition and Health Professionals, allowing me the opportunity to offer you clinical nutrition solutions.

The assessment I offer at home or in-office and recommend every client take is a process to develop a Personalized Nutritional Supplementation Plan very specific to you as an individual.

There is no other assessment/supplement plan like this that is science and research-based, and so personalized to you. This is the leading edge of evidence-based personalized wellness and personalized medicine where nutrient supplementation is concerned.  The process was developed over an 18 year period, and is updated with new research and information all the time.

It only takes about 15-30 minutes to complete but is extremely comprehensive:

  • First, you provide personal information like age, sex, diet, lifestyle, symptoms, health concerns, family history, place and season where you live, any medical conditions you have, any medications you are on, etc.
  • While you are completing the assessment, it searches over 11,000 human clinical peer-reviewed scientific studies regarding optimal nutrition supplementation,
  • then it calculates, based on your personal information, what areas of nutrition you are deficient and need to supplement for optimal health and disease prevention.
  • It automatically takes into consideration symptoms and medical conditions you list, medications you are on, and associated nutrient deficiencies.  This is so important because ALL MEDICATIONS DEPLETE CERTAIN NUTRIENTS, leading to long-term health effects.
  • Then it creates a personalized nutritional supplementation plan and dosages specific to you.
  • Your personal supplementation plan is sent to you monthly in a very user-friendly package – just AM / PM packets (no bottles to have to remember how to take a million different things!)
  • All supplements are pharmaceutical grade and superior quality with zero fillers, soy, gluten, sugar or artificial ingredients of any kind!  The supplements are made by Xymogen (one of the most pure nutrient raw material sourcing companies).  Xymogen supplements are only available to Licensed Medical Professionals (not available to the general public), and are usually pretty pricey.
  • You save approximately 40-50% what you would spend for supplements of equal quality individually without the personalized dosages.
  • You save yourself the research and guesswork as to what nutrients your body needs, which can be extremely overwhelming and confusing!  You also save yourself the time it takes to shop for supplements at the store.

THIS IS SO EXCITING to get to offer to you!

Want to Get Started on a Personalized Nutrition Plan?

The first step will be to complete your assessment by >> Clicking Here<< and then clicking the blue button at the top of the page.

Because I believe that this step is absolutely foundational to your health, each client who gets on a Personalized Nutrition Plan with me  gets a discount of $25 off  every Reflexology / MIGUN Physiotherapy treatment!!* **

*Offer only applies to combined Reflexology / Migun Therapy Sessions (original value of $135); does not apply to just Reflexology Sessions. **Applies as long as the Personal Nutrition Plan is maintained up to 1 year.

Epigenetics Coaching

Be on the lookout for the most advanced and personalized coaching services coming soon!

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