Organic DIY Chicken Bone Broth

This is EXCELLENT to to do a bone broth fast/cleanse!  For this, I recommend drinking nothing but fresh bone broth, organic vegetable juices, water and lemon water for 3 days.  This is a wonderful way to detox, give the digestion a rest time for the body to focus its energy towards healing and repairing, and re-set the system.  I like coupling health fasts with spiritual fasts, and use the extra time to really focus my attention to the Lord.  You will be amazed at how He speaks and moves when you do this!

It is also a great health habit to consume bone broth daily for healing.  We are missing many of the key ingredients in bone broth in our diets today, so this is a great way to fill the gap!  Specifically the acids and collagen/minerals that are so important to connective tissue health like joints, skin and the digestive tract.

You can also use this in healthy cooking recipes like my Organic Gluten Free Healthy Chicken Enchiladas or just to add flavor and minerals to vegetables!

What You Need:

1 whole organic chicken

3 organic carrots

3 organic celery stalks

1 bunch organic fresh parsley (or tsp organic dried parsley)

3 dried organic bay leaves

2 tsp organic pink Himalayan sea salt

Optional – 5 cloves organic garlic, 1 organic yellow onion

1 gallon high quality spring water or reverse osmosis water (I personally used Eternal Water)

1/4 cup organic apple cider vinegar


Add all ingredients to a crock pot.  Fill with water until the chicken and veggies are covered.  cook on low heat for 10 hours.  Remove the chicken and de-bone.  Place the bones, cartilage and skin back into the crock pot.  Store and freeze or refrigerate the chicken meat for later use.  Place all the bones, cartilage and skin back into the crock pot.  Add more water and a little more apple cider vinegar.  Continue to cook on low for 40 MORE HOURS.  Note you will have to turn the crock pot back on the 10 hour setting multiple times to accomplish this, and continue to add water as needed.  After the broth has cooked about 2 days, store the liquid broth in mason jars to be consumed in 7 days, or frozen for later use.