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Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Experience the healing benefits of the sun during your reflexology session! Every living thing needs sunlight. I mean how good do you feel when you get some good sunshine? There is the obvious benefit of vitamin D, which boosts your immune system, and is pro-hormone. But there is also benefit from the heat energy the sun produces!

What is Infrared Heat?

To put it simply, it is a type of deep penetrating heat energy that is produced by light (this is the same heat energy produced by the sun). Benefits of infrared light and heat have been studied for many years in Japan and China, and more recently have been studied by both NASA and the medical world for the profound health benefits!

Many medical studies have shown significant improvement in chronic low back pain, pain associated with conditions like Fibromyalgia, and even decreased swelling in cases of lymphedema.

The Difference Between Regular Electric Heat and Far Infrared Heat:

Regular electric heating pads use electric coils to heat, which only heat the skin surface, and provide large levels of dangerous electromagnetic radiation that can damage your health.  Infrared heat uses natural Jade stones, to produce a deep penetrating heat.  FAR Infrared heat can penetrate several inches into the body, affecting not only the skin, but underlying muscle tissue and even organs. And it is 100% safe with no side effects!  The infrared components of the Migun Physiotherapy table are designed very specifically in a way that no harmful electromagnetic radiation is emitted.

Infrared heat has been known to SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE CIRCULATION.  Improved circulation, in turn, may promote the following:

  • Self Healing, due to improved blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to the tissues
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Significant Pain Relief

There are many other benefits to improved circulation, across the board for overall health!  I am so excited to include this as a part of your Reflexology sessions, to provide even more healing potential to your body during your treatments.

A variety of far infrared products from Therasage are available for purchase from Streams in the Desert Reflexology & Wellness.  Please contact us at 432-528-6173 for more information.

Air Purification & Negative Ions

For your comfort and health, the treatment room is treated with a Green Air Pro air purifier.  This (along with the natural Jade stones in the Migun Physiotherapy table and a pink Himalayan salt lamp) produces negative ions, which are known to benefit overall health including mood. sleep and allergies.

Healing Frequency Music

To add more healing benefit to your body during your treatment, healing frequency music may be played from Wholetones (the healing music frequency project). Specific sound frequencies are known to benefit different organs and systems.  This extremely relaxing music does more than just help you relax!

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