This program is for you if you have no specific health challenges, but want to be proactive to continue to create health and prevent disease going forward through understanding your genes. If you have current health challenges you need to solve, the Root Cause Program is where you want to start. 

Reach Your Potential by Leveraging
Your Genes for Your Benefit.

What is Epigenetics?

Sounds complex, right?  It really kind of is… but simply translated, Epigenetics means “above your genetics”.  The science of Epigenetics is the study of how DNA dynamically interacts with the environment.  Epigenetics is the driving force for how our DNA activates and expresses.

Epigenetics assists us to understand how factors like our diet, nutrition, environment and other lifestyle factors influence our very personalized health outcomes.

We are all very bio-individual and nothing proves this more than our unique genetic code.  This code can be viewed as your “Health Code” as it holds the keys to understanding your unique health needs.  It provides your road map to health.  When we understand our genes as a part of a complex human system, we can understand how to strategically influence optimal gene expression through lifestyle choices to make genetic predispositions virtually irrelevant as we adapt and thrive under the environmental pressures of our modern world.

I offer in-depth Epigenetics & Human Potential Services including Genetic Testing, Genetic Interpretation, various Advanced Functional Lab Testing for evaluating and monitoring your health and progress towards your goals, Coaching and Therapies to help you optimize your health.

The Process

»Step 1:  Get Tested

The Apeiron Genetic Test Kit tests over 746,000 different genetic variants.  It is a simple cheek swab test that just takes a couple of minutes to collect.  The kit will be sent directly to your house with instructions and a prepaid shipping label to the lab.  Apeiron is very serious about privacy.  You and you alone own your genetic data.  It is never shared or sold for any purpose.

»Step 2:  Learn About Your Genes

As a Certified Epigenetics Coach, I am able to break down and analyze your raw genetic data for specific areas of your health.  This will really help you understand and support your body with precision.

Nutrition Genetics

There is no universally perfect diet.  But there is a perfect diet for you.  Discover how your body responds to different foods and exactly what foods you should and should not be eating to optimize your health.  Understanding your genes takes the guess work out of dieting and helps you simply eat in the most nourishing way for you.

Supplementation Genetics

Your genetics determine how well you absorb, utilize or break down different vitamins and minerals.  Understanding this will help you supplement very intentionally with precision to optimize the way your body functions.  This is a game changer for anyone wanting to improve their health, feel and live their best life.

Sleep Genetics

The body has a master clock (in the brain) that controls our circadian rhythm.  Whether you are a morning person or a night owl is influenced by your genetics.  If you don’t operate by our body’s innate master clock, it will cause dysfunction in so many other areas of the body.  Genetic factors can also predispose some people to more adverse side effects of sleep loss, as well as different propensities for sleep disruption, duration and different circadian rhythm disorders.

Detox & Environmental Health Genetics

With cellular inflammation and toxicity at the root of nearly all health issues, the body’s ability to detox in today’s world is vital.  Understanding the aspects of your genetics that determine your body’s ability to handle toxins, and how to support challenged areas, will be a game changer for your health outcome.  In this interpretation report, we look at your body’s Phase 1 detox pathways, methylation, the glutathione system, mitochondrial health, as well as how well the body handles environmental toxins, pollution, biotoxins like mold, histamines and heavy metals.

Hormone Genetics

Genetic propensities can be used to better understand the function of different endocrine glands in the body ranging from brain controls and responses, hormone receptor sensitivity, conversion and metabolism.  Through genetics, we are able to specifically understand your body’s propensity for producing and handling different hormones.

»Step 3:  Epigenetic Action Steps to Optimize

This is where true changes to the outcomes of your health future happen.  You can’t change your genes, but when you understand them, you can take specific actions to change your genetic expression and create health.  That’s what Epigenetics is. It is how lifestyle and environmental factors interact with your DNA.  I’m here to help you create action steps to optimize your specific genetics.  Knowing your genetics isn’t enough.  Knowing how to support your genes, and taking action to do so, is where the real power to change your health destiny lies.

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