Why You Need to Detox


We live in a time and place where detoxing on a regular basis, and even using daily detox strategies, has never been more important.  We are literally exposed to hundreds of thousands of toxic chemicals in the air we breathe, water we drink and bathe in, personal care products we apply day in and day out, cleaners, chemicals in our homes, and most of all in our food.  It is the sad truth, but it is the truth.

Detoxing is essential to health in the modern world.    

According to Dr. David Jockers, Cancer Survivor and Cancer Specialist, “Researchers estimate through various studies that the average person living today is carrying a minimum of 700 known toxins in their blood, skin, fat tissue, brain tissue, liver, digestive and other organs”. Holy moly!

A study done in 2004 called “Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns” studied the presence of toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord of 10 newborn babies.  The study identified the presence of 287 toxins.  180 of these toxins are known to cause cancer.  217 are poisonous to the brain and nervous system.  208 have been linked to birth defects.  I am sure these numbers have increased today, and this is extremely alarming!

Researchers also estimate that 70% of the cause of Autoimmune Disease is environmental toxicities.

If you have been through a Wellness Coaching session with me, you have heard me talk about the root causes of nearly all disease and dysfunction in the body: cellular inflammation.  Toxins that are disrupting our bodies’ normal functions are a huge source of cellular inflammation.

Working in the field I work in, I am very alarmed at how much cancer, autoimmune disease, endocrine disease and infertility I see here in Midland.  I believe our environment is even more toxic than “the norm”, as do many other doctors here.

It is critical now more than ever to become educated in avoiding as many toxins as possible by eating a clean diet, using non-toxic personal care items, using essential oil based perfumes and cleaning products vs. toxic chemicals, etc.

But that is not enough…. We must assist our bodies’ ability to detox. 

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna


I  have a Vital Health Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna to help you detox!  Infrared saunas are used in Wellness Centers all over the world to help with detox, fat burning, stress relief, relief from sore/ stiff muscles and so much more.

A full spectrum infrared sauna uses a combination of far, near and mid infrared light wavelengths to give the body a variety of health benefits.

Far infrared penetrates deepest into the body (up to 3 inches reaching muscles, joints and organs) and is associated with deep detoxification, improved metabolism, weight loss (you can burn up to 600 calories per session!), blood pressure reduction, joint and muscle pain relief, muscle relaxation, improvement in joint stiffness, immune system boosting, stress reduction, improved energy and better skin!  Far Infrared saunas have been shown to lower lactic acid levels, stimulate endorphins, kill pathogenic organisms, reduce swelling / inflammation, and increase blood and lymphatic circulation.

Any time circulation is increased, self-healing of the body is increased by being able to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues, as well as more effectively remove toxins.

Mid Infrared is associate with pain relief, improved circulation and weight loss.

Near Infrared is known to improve cellular health, cellular immunity, skin health, boost wound healing, and pain relief.

The Vital Health Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna also offers Magnetic Flux Therapy and Chromotherapy (Color Light Therapy) for even further health benefit.  The sauna is designed to be low EMF (safer than any cell phone) and the wood is non-toxic (not treated with any chemicals).

Sessions & Scheduling

Sessions can be scheduled as a stand-alone treatment, or as an add-on to your Reflexology/Migun Therapy sessions. I have also created an ULTIMATE DETOX TREATMENT, which will be the most bang for your buck and the most benefit to your body!

  • Stand-Alone Infrared Sauna Session (20 minutes): $50
  • Add-On to Reflexology (20 min): $35 ($15 discount!)
  • ULTIMATE DETOX TREATMENT (Reflexology, Migun Therapy, Castor Oil Pack, 20 minute sauna session): $185 ($25 Discount!)

To schedule your Infrared Sauna session (whether as an add-on/package or a stand-alone therapy) or a Wellness Coaching session with me, just shoot me a text at 432-528-6173. Texting is always the best way to reach me since I am hands on with Reflexology most of the time!

For those of you who are health nerds like me and really love to read and understand things, here isa more in-depth article by Dr. Jockers on the benefits of infrared saunas:

Detoxify Your Body with InfraRed Sauna