Root Cause Functional Medicine Testing & Coaching Programs Based Out of Amarillo, TX, but Offering Virtual Services for:

Autoimmune Conditions | Hormone Imbalances | Thyroid Issues | Gut Health

Your body was designed with intricate detail with an incredible innate ability to function and heal… but it must be free of roadblocks to health, and you must have the right tools for you.  You are wonderfully bio-individual – you have a unique genetic makeup with both opportunities for health and challenges. You have your own history of stressors and environmental exposures.  If we can uncover both current roadblocks to health AND your unique health opportunities, I believe YOU CAN HEAL. 

       The only way to heal is to know exactly what you are healing from.

Hi, I’m Pamela!

I became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Epigenetics Coach as a result of my own health journey. By the time I was out of college and working as an Engineer, I had been struggling in my body for twenty years and finally found myself in a place that I was unable to continue on. After being diagnosed with many different autoimmune conditions, and given little in the way of answers or help from traditional Western Medicine, I embarked on a life-changing journey to learn about why my body was struggling so bad. Through Root Cause Functional Testing and Genetic Testing, I was finally able to target my own root causes and create a life of health going forward. I now help other health warriors uncover and understand their own root causes and unique genetic makeup, and work with them to create an individualized path to optimize their health and change their future. Come along with me, and begin to create YOUR Health Destiny today!

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Find out What’s Possible for You…

What if I told you that I could help you solve your gut issues, have better sleep, more mental clarity, balance your hormones, and kick chronic fatigue & pain to the curb? That is all possible with the right testing and a strategic action plan. All symptoms and dis-ease have a root cause (or more often, root causes). I would love to help you uncover exactly what your root causes are and help you develop a comprehensive healing plan, so you can finally begin to truly live again! 

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