Understand Your Genes...
Change Your Health Destiny

Your body was designed with intricate detail with an incredible innate ability to function and heal… but it must have the right tools for you.  You are wonderfully bio individual and your unique genes hold the very blueprint for your most optimal health.  I offer a very personalized approach to wellness by helping you understand and leverage your unique genetic makeup to optimize your health and change your destiny through Epigenetics.

Come along with me, and begin to create YOUR Health Destiny today…



Hi, I’m Pamela!

I became an Epigenetics & Human Potential Coach as a result of my own health journey. By the time I was out of college and working as an Engineer, I had been struggling in my body for twenty years and finally found myself in a place that I was unable to continue on. After being diagnosed with many different autoimmune conditions, and given little in the way of answers or help from traditional Western Medicine, I embarked on a life-changing journey to learn about my body through the lense of Genetics and create my own wellness path through Epigenetics.  Through Genetic Testing & Interpretation, Epigenetics Coaching & Therapies, I now help other health warriors understand their unique genetic makeup and work with them to create an individualized path to optimize their health and change their future.






Find out What’s Possible for You through Epigenetics

What if I told you that you could help you have better sleep, more mental clarity, more balanced hormones, improved energy and even better stress resilience? Well, Epigenetics helps you in all of those areas. By understanding your genes, you can take action to drastically improve your health both now and for the future.